Ballooning in the Tannheimer Tal

An unforgettable experience

Rugged peaks, lush green meadows and crystal clear mountain lakes - this dreamlike backdrop awaits holidaymakers in the Tannheimer Tal. An environment that is made for extensive forays through nature.

How fascinating does this sight have to be from a bird's eye view?

Those interested have the unique opportunity to do this with a balloon flight
- guaranteed unforgettable experience.

The ballooning adventure is possible all year round in the Tannheimer Tal if the weather conditions are suitable.

In winter, the balloons fly directly over the Tannheimer Tal and the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Although you have to dress warmly for an excursion in lofty heights in the cold season, the reward is excellent visibility and views Zugspitze, to South Tyrol and Switzerland with hundreds of mountain peaks. The highlight of winter is the Tannheim Valley International Balloon Festival.


The International Balloon Festival offers fascinating experiences

From the ground it is a colorful spectacle in the sky for the audience. From above the passengers experience a noiseless journey in the winter sky with unique views of the Allgäu and Tyrolean mountains.

Participants from all over the world will be taking part, lighting up the sky above the Tyrolean high valley with their gentle giants. The noiseless way of gliding along with the wind over the mountains fascinates pilots as well as passengers. Therefore, the opportunities to take part in the balloon rides as a passenger are also in demand.

Every day between 11 a.m. and 12 noon, the colorful hot air balloons start their journey over the Tannheimer Tal.


Insider tip for romantics

The balloon glowThe traditional balloon glow is at least as impressive as the rides for balloonists and spectators. The atmosphere when the balloons are made ready for take-off in the dark winter night and the flames create a fascinating play of lights is indescribably intense.

However, the opportunity for this adventure is very rare, as the weather conditions are only ideal for this trip on a few days in winter. The start is in the Tannheimer Tal and after four to five hours the landing in Italy between Lake Garda and Venice takes place. After an overnight stay in the south, it goes back to the starting point in the Tyrolean high valley the next day.

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