Sport fishing in the Tannheimer Valley

40 years of the Tannheimertal fishing association

Well-occupied areas in a fantastic mountain backdrop make the Tyrolean high valley a real insider tip.

The fishing association Tannheimertal is significantly involved in this success story and manages a large part of these waters.

On presentation of a sport fishing permit and the paid state fee of € 25, fishing can be done after receiving the fishing permit.

The fishing season in the Tannheimer Tal

begins on May 1st. The start of the season can sometimes be postponed due to the weather.


Seeforelle 5,9 kg

Vils- Tannheim
Vils- Tannheim



Whether at the Haldensee, Haldensee outflow, Bloderteich, Vilsalpsee, Vils-Ach-Bach Tannheim, Fischwasser Zöblen, Greither Weiher, Fischwasser Weißenbach or at the Nesselwängler Ache. In the Tannheimer Tal, sport fishermen will find the best conditions for different levels of difficulty.

The Vils - Oh Bach: in Tannheim is a pure fly water and may only be fished with a flying rod without chopping. An Eldorado for every good fly fisherman who wants to catch something big. Largest caught brown trout 4.5kg and 80cm.

The Vilsalpsee: the natural jewel of the Tannheimer valley, here you fish in a dreamlike mountain scenery and you will experience an unforgettable day. Size approx. 64 ha, stocking: lake, brook and rainbow trout, as well as char. There are shore or boat tickets. Allowed bait: minnow, spunk bait, fly. Live bait and worm fishing are prohibited.

The Zöbler Vils: deep pools, washed-out stones, a body of water for adults. Again, it is only allowed to fish with a fly without chopping. Stocking: Mainly brown trout of a respectable size.

 Territory map

The Haldensee: Gimpel and Rot Flüh as a mountain backdrop in the background make this lake an unforgettable experience. This beautiful mountain lake is occupied with pike, whitefish, perch, chub as well as carp and tench. There are bank cards as well as boat cards. Spinkbait, spoons, hooks and dead bait may be used on the system, but live bait fishing is prohibited.

Outflow Haldensee: A small stream that meanders through the meadows and Möser of Haldensee. Mostly stocked with brown trout, it is often not easy to fish and requires a lot of skill from the fisherman. Minnow is allowed on the system as well as all spit baits and flies. Worm fishing prohibited.

Those who would like to have guaranteed successful fishing can go to the Bloderteich Haldensee or the Greiter Weiher fish pond in Tannheim. Here you can fish to your heart's content. The catch is billed in kg. If you would like to eat smoked trout, this is the right place.

When buying a fishing license, a state tax (1x per year) must be paid. (Exception: Bloderteich & Greither Weiher!)

State tax for adults: € 25.00

State tax for young people: € 10.00


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